Babouche Workshop
In the medina of Marrakech, you can enter to the world of babouche workshop, to become an artisan and make your one and only leather shoes. The whole experience takes 3 hours. The typicalContinue Reading
Explore the Atlantic coast, with beaches, the sand dunes, riding a horse and with the company of an experienced guide. Explore the valleys of this region, where argan trees and cedarsContinue Reading
In the Sahara desert, you can participate in a traditional Berber sand bread workshop. You will learn every step of making a sand bread in the desert. An ingenious way that adopts the sand as anContinue Reading
The first Escape game in Casablanca, offers you an immersive and innovative Escape Room experience. The principle of an Escape Game is very simple, you and your team (3 to 6 players) will beContinue Reading
Adventure day with the mission to discover fossils of ancestral marine species in the heart of the Sahara desert. We leave early for Erfoud where you can count on the collaboration of aContinue Reading
The Todra Gorges are one of the top destinations for rock climbing in the world. Its rocky walls with over 150 meters and uneven surface, make the area a paradise for those who love thisContinue Reading
Journey through the beautiful Ahansal river. Enjoy a day with your kids, friends or partner. This trip is accessible to all. We will float from the rock of the Cathedral to the TillouguiteContinue Reading
After breakfast, we take a comfortable 4 x 4 to the foot of Mount Toubkal (4167m). We arrive at the Valley of Imlil, where our mountain bike ride tour begins. We go in the directions of TachdirteContinue Reading
Near Meknès, between Rabat and Fes, in a private farm, you can taste the best wine produced in Morocco. With qualities similar to wines of Bordeaux, the wines of Mecknès are sweeter and moreContinue Reading
camel trekking
A great symbol of Morocco is the camel / dromedary, used by nomads in the past to transport goods across the desert. Still, today the camels are still used and considered very valuable inContinue Reading
Just 45 minutes from the city of Marrakech, Ouakaimeden is a new ski resort in Morocco, located at about 3200 meters above sea level. You can rent good ski equipment, which are in good conditionContinue Reading
Waki Marrakech is a water teleski on an artificial lake near Ourika (roughly 20 km from Marrakech) with stunning scenery and views of the Atlas mountains. The lake was created specifically forContinue Reading
Enjoy a balloon ride over the city of Marrakech, in a particularly romantic activity. Depending on the wind you can walk between 10 to 25 kilometers while admiring the panoramic views ofContinue Reading
Perform a non-permanent tattoo with 100% natural products with beautiful patterns and designs. Henna is a plant used since antiquity whose extract is used for cosmetic purposes. The tattoo staysContinue Reading
You can do activities like scavenger hunts and other challenges with these 4×4 motors in the great dunes of the desert. The ride can be between 2 to 6 hours and you can explore the dunesContinue Reading
Sandboarding is a sport analogous to snowboarding, but instead of being carried out on a snowy mountain is carried out in the dunes of the Sahara desert, with a slightly different board.Continue Reading
Atelier de Cozinha
In a private and personal environment, you can choose your favorite of the traditional Moroccan dishes: couscous, tagine, berber pizza or pastilla. The first activity on this workshop is toContinue Reading
Agricultura Marroquina
Traditional agriculture in Morocco is organized in a substantially different way from the way it is organized in European and western countries, due in large part to the scarcity of water. KnowContinue Reading
Dança do Ventre
Learn this magnetic and ancestral dance in a relaxed and private setting. Learn the basic movements of belly dancing, and you can also learn about the balance needed for this dance. You will beContinue Reading
Yoga no Deserto
Enjoy the magic and magnetism in the desert to unwind and connect in an organic and healthy way, through a yoga session in the desert. With this activity you will experience new levels ofContinue Reading
Tapetes Marroquinos
There are several manual arts and crafts in Morocco. From the decorations, tiles, to carpets, clothing and bronze, there is so much to discover about the Moroccan arts and crafts. Take anContinue Reading
Homem sábio em Marrocos
In the company of our guide you will have the opportunity to hear in the first person the testimony of an experienced Moroccan who will tell you in the first person its history, and how life andContinue Reading
caligrafia árabe
The Arabic alphabet is totally distinct from the Latin alphabet, with a totally different structure and interpretation. Learn the basics about Arabic calligraphy and its rules, learn to writeContinue Reading
Traditional Moroccan music is composed of three fundamental instruments: drums, guitar and qraqeb(a kind of metal castanets). For those who already know how to play guitar, it may be interestingContinue Reading
In Zagora, in the middle of Sahara desert, where the sky is clear and open, you can participate in an astronomical sky observation night. With the explanation of a professional astronomer, theContinue Reading