Fossils hunting

Adventure day with the mission to discover fossils of ancestral marine species in the heart of the Sahara desert.

We leave early for Erfoud where you can count on the collaboration of a professional in the exploitation of the fossils. First you will have to choose what kind of fossil you would most like to find so that you can define where to look for them. There are several possibilities: trilobites, ammonites, corals, starfishes, dinosaur bones among several others.

The guide will be with you and will give you valuable clues as to how to search for these relics of the past, which will take up most of the morning.

After lunch you can work on your discoveries to separate the rock from the fossil itself. Also here your guide will give you valuable tips on how to do this job perfectly.

You will return home with the true evidence that the Sahara Desert was once, for millions of years, the bottom of an ocean.

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